Skiing, snowboarding, cross country in Scotland

There are several different skiing and snowboarding areas in Scotland, each one with its own unique character and range of attractions. Depending on the weather and the individual area, the skiing season can last from December to April, so there's really no excuse not to get up here and give skiing and snowboarding in Scotland a try!

Cross-country and telemarc skiing

Although downhill skiing has perhaps had the highest profile in Scotland for a while, cross country and telemark skiing are now emerging as popular choices for those willing to get off the piste and get away from the crowds

Cross-country skiing (or Nordic skiing) is a popular choice for all ages, and can be viewed both as a less energetic form of skiing than Alpine or a far more vigorous one - it just depends how you go about it!

Telemark skiing is also enjoying a well-deserved renaissance as more and more people discover the joys of winter treks across Scotland's great plateaux, such as the Cairngorms.

The following Scottish companies organise skiing holidays / courses and/or snowboarding - contact them for further details.

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