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Cycling and off-road holidays in Scotland

There's no doubt about it, if you want to get to know a country - really get to know it - then you're going to have to get off the road at some stage and get into the countryside. At Activity Scotland we have two suggestions. Get on your bike or go off-road in a jeep or a quad bike!

Get on your bike

Whether it's a mountain bike for off-road use or a touring bike for use on the road. In fact you don't need your own bike (you can hire it when you arrive) - you don't even need to carry your own luggage on longer tours (many of our members will sort that out for you). All you need to do is pedal your way through some of Europe's finest scenery! You don't need to be super-fit either - the options include short routes through quiet forests and level paths alongside canals or converted railway lines - as well as gut-busting, mountain bike ascents (and hair-raising descents!) on demanding hillside trails.

Go off-road

Find out just how far you can go in a four-wheel drive vehicle at one of our members' custom made off-road centres. Try driving a Land Rover or explore the landscape on a quad bike.

Between them, Activity Scotland's cycling, biking and off-road companies cover the whole range of holidays on wheels throughout Scotland. Choose a particular activity or browse through the links below for more details about a particular company.

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