Fishing in Scotland

Scotland's reputation as an excellent fishing destination dates back to at least the 19th century, when it became fashionable for wealthy English tourists to come up to Scotland on their holidays for a bit of hunting, shooting and fishing. Today, the fishing in Scotland is still world class - but it is no longer the preserve of the wealthy alone.

Although there is plenty of good coarse fishing in Scotland, it is really the fly fishing that attracts most people. There is superb fishing for salmon on famous rivers like the Tweed, the Tay and the Spey, and then there is the wild brown trout, found in rivers and lochs throughout the country.

If you have never fished before - don't worry! You can get instruction and learn how to fish with an expert guide. And if you want an easy catch, you will find stocked fisheries in many parts of Scotland, offering a (relatively!) easy way to land your first trout.

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